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General questions

You are right. Dice Oven is one man band. I am doing the molding, casting, polishing, packaging, social network, etc. Store is updated in a bulk. You can check the homepage, Facebook or Instagram for the next announcement for the store update.

Full sets of hand made polyhedral dice (D2, D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, D20), single die or combinations of a few dice for now.

Also 3d printed dice towers, dice bags.

The store works on a first come, first served basis. You can subscribe to the newsletter or follow Dice Oven on Instagram or Facebook to get the latest information on stock and store updates.

Certain designs of dice will be made just for you when you order them. Such dice and sets are appropriately marked in the shop.

Shipping costs will be automatically calculated at the checkout. Where you will be able to choose type of service.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery, Apple Pay and PayPal.

All the prices will be expressed and charged in Euros (€). Please be aware of the conversion fees from your bank/card issuer.

The shop does limited offer returns or refunds.

It can happen that dice are damaged during transport. If they arrive damaged, beyond any possible use, please reach out via e-mail orthrough the Contact page. 

Dice Oven will coordinate a replacement or a refund.

Since as all sets are handmade, there are no two identical sets or dice. Colors and the same technique will be applied, but the final product may look different.

Note that this only applies to the heavily damaged dice and dice sets with a proof like a photo or a video. Please keep in mind that since dice are handmade it is possible that dice have some small dings, dents, divots or micro scratches.


dice questions

The dice are made of epoxy resin and Jesmonite. Some dice contain mica powder, glitter, alcohol ink, imitation of gold/silver/copper leaves and acrylic paints. They can also contain dried flowers or other imbeds.

Master dice are made of clear UV cured resin.

All dice  sets are almost perfect (for handmade dice). They can still contain some micro scratches, small imperfections and tiny dents.

There can be some lower quality sets are still perfect for the game. They can contain bigger scratches, polishing imperfections, noticeable repairs, potentially minor asymmetry, micro bubbles on the surface, and bigger dents. Some numbers may be missing, but no more than 1 per die.

Those type of die sets/sigle dice will be marked and appropriately discounted.

The dice are cast (as well as the molds) in a pressure pot. They are never going to be perfectly balanced because they are handmade.

please keep in mind that factory made dice are also not perfectly balanced.

You can use them for your D&D and other games, but if you are looking for gambling dice, you should look for dice made especially for gambling.

All our standard dice are approximately: D4 – 18 mm, D6 – 16 mm, D8 – 23 mm, D10 and D% – 22 mm, D12 – 18 mm, D20 – 21 mm.

Epoxy resin is a hard material but can be scratched or chipped if not rolled with care. Preferably roll them on padded surface or a tray. And keep them out of direct sunlight.

Jesmonite is a hard material and dice and can leave some marks while rolling on the surface. Jesmonite is porous material. Please avoid water and greasy surfaces, as they can be absorbed into the dice and potentially discolor them.